The InterSport Denzer 2016 Cup

Denzer 2016 Cup

2016-06-23 15.07.00As I’m training for the Berlin marathon, I’ve signed up for many races this summer to help in my training. I’m lucky that there is a ‘race series’  here where I live in Germany.  It is called the Denzer Cup and it is a series of 9 races starting from April till September. Each time, the race is held in a different place, sponsored by the running club from that town. With each race, the clubs are awarded points for the fastest runners. At the end, the club with the most points will win the Cup. There are also individual prizes for each race too.  The last race had about one hundred thirty plus runners.

So far I’ve ran in 3 of the races, one being last Saturday.  The first was a 12.5K in Obereschah, the second an 11.2K in Wolterdingen, and last weekend a 10.2K in Reiselfingen. (I swear I did not make up the names of these towns…hehe)  The first race was in April, freezing and even snowed!  See below in full winter running gear!  This race was a bit tough for me as I didn’t do much training before hand (my own fault), but at least I finished!  Time was 1:08.

April 27th, 2016 Obereschah-Sport Weiss- 12.5K It snowed just after this picture!

The second race in Wolterdingen was pouring with rain and muddy.  It was on an awesome trail through the woods, but with many hills!  At least that meant there were many down hill recovery time.  I felt stronger in this race, but still not feeling my best.  However, I was surprised that I came in 1st place for my age group!  11.2K in 58 minutes.

I kick my legs so high when I run that the whole back of my pants were covered in mud!
June 4th, 2016 Wolterdingen 11.2K

Finally, the last race in Reiselfingen was on a beautiful, sunny, warm day!  The scenery here was breathtaking while the run was in the forest above, looking down into the Wutach river.  After a few weeks of solid training, I finally felt strong in this race and had good results!  I finished 1st in my age group, 8th out of 56 women, and 56th out of 136 runners in total.  It just proves that hard work pays off 🙂  Now to get ready for this weekend’s half marathon!

Ready for the race! June 18th, 2016 Reiselfingen – 10.2K
awesome view :)
Running as fast as I can to the end!

FINALLY… finish line!


Summer is finally here and it’s time to lace up those shoes and get out there!

Happy running,


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  1. Great stuff! I found the Denzer Cup and joined it with the Reiselfingen race. I’m still quite new to running but really enjoy those races.
    Aim for now is to complete my first half-marathon in Bräunlingen in october.
    Good luck with Berlin!

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